Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ford Recall July 2011 - Another Big Ford Pick-up Truck Recall, Miami Ford Truck Drivers Take Note

Ford Motor Company just announced another big recall for Ford vehicles. Another one.

Back in March 2011, we posted about the Ford recall of Ford pickup trucks because their tires could blow out and cause accidents.

The very next month, April 2011, Ford Motor Company announced another recall - this time, 1.2 million of Ford's F150 pickup trucks were recalled because of an electrical wiring problem. Seems that the Ford F150 pick-up truck airbags could just pop open on a whim, causing accidents or injuries.

Now, here it is: July 2011, and Ford Motor Company is recalling Ford pick up trucks again. This time, Ford Ranger pickup trucks, Ford Excursion SUVs, and a variety of Ford F-series pickup trucks (F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550) are being recalled because of a problem with an electrical gizmo that could make the tail lights not work. Which might cause a wreck, say, if no one sees the brakes are on because the truck's brake lights don't work, right?

For details on all these Ford Pick-up Truck Recalls, check out recalls.gov or go to the Ford Motor Company website's recall information page.

And remember: products can cause serious harm or injury, and defective products do kill people. It's wise to respond to a product recall.

If you drive a Ford pick-up truck, then drive by your dealer and get it checked out - you never know what wreck you may be preventing just by doing this one little chore. And, sure, with this record it sounds like you might be dropping by the dealership every month to six weeks ... if Ford's recall track record stays on its monthly schedule.

What if you were in a wreck while driving a Ford pickup truck?
The product (here, the truck) might be a contributing factor to your accident and something you need to investigate, discuss with your injury attorney. Product liability claims are possible and are different from filing claims against the negligent driver, etc., in a crash.

By Bryant Esquenazi on July 21, 2011 2:54 PM

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