Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boogie Board Injuries: Christopher Schwarzenegger Accident Should Bring Spotlight to Dangers of Boogie Board Serious Injury

The 13-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver, Christopher Schwarzenegger, was released from the hospital last night after suffering serious injuries while boogie boarding near Malibu.

Life-threatening injuries from Boogie Board accident
Schwarzenegger was reported to have suffered multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung - and spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit - after he had a bad spill on his boogie board while boogieboarding, crashing head-first into an object on the beach.

Boogie Board Injuries Are Often Serious - Especially for Teens
Boogie boards are popular here in Miami, as well as on most Florida beaches, and elsewhere around the world where ocean waves beckon. However, boogie boards are also well-known among injury experts -- medical experts, legal experts -- as being dangerous, especially for teenagers. Consider the 2002 discussion by Australian medical researchers on the likelihood that children and adolescents who ride boogie boards are especially vulnerable to severe abdominal injuries.

What To Do If Boogie Board Accident Happens To Your Loved One
If your day at the beach takes an unexpected turn because of a boogieboard accident, then remember to remain calm, and get medical help for the victim as soon as possible. Call 911, and be aware of the possibility of multiple broken bones or injured internal organs before attempting any type of movement of the injured person. Ask for directives from the 911 operator on how best to help the victim until Emergency Medical Care arrives.

It is also important, from a legal perspective, to document the scene as soon as possible. Have someone take photographs of the boogie board (is it cracked?) as well as the state of the beach (is it littered with debris?) and the height of the waves. Take the names and contact information from those who witnessed what has just happened.

It may sound callous, but having the facts as soon as possible can mean all the difference when an insurance claim is filed and an adjuster begins questioning whether or not coverage is available, etc.

By Bryant Esquenazi on July 26, 2011 2:36 PM

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